Marble Cupcakes (27)

Marble Cupcakes (27)

On saturday, I made the first cupcakes from my cupcake challenge: marble cupcakes.
First, I went out and bought these colorful paper liners. It’s very difficult to find beautiful and not very expensive liners, but I found these in a nearby store in the summer and they have packs of 4 colors (usually gray, orange, blue and green; right now they have red liners instead of green ones, I guess that’s because of Christmas).

I didn’t use the red ones this time, because I want to use them for something more holiday-ish.


This is how they looked before I put them in the oven:

And the result:

I must say that I expected a bit more from this recipe. The cupcakes tasted too ordinary. Way too much work to make the swirls and a boring outcome. I didn’t like them. They were dry and the yellow batter was a bit too dense. Other people who tried them said they were good, but I don’t know if that was because they didn’t want to sound mean, or they really liked them. I definitely won’t be making these again. Maybe I should have added an icing, but I wanted to make them the same as they are in the book.

The recipe actually made 20 instead of 16 and they all rose a bit too high.