I traveled… New York City, part 3

MoMA NYC painting

Day 4

First off, I had breakfast at Planet Hollywood – my first american pancake with extra strawberries, all that in front of Darth Vader and Chewbacca. Yum! I had some time to kill, so I walked to MoMA, where I spent one hour in their store. I love museum stores!

On my way, I lost the keycard to my room. Why store it in your wallet, when you can just put it in your pocket, am I right?

NYC skyscrapers
Museum of modern art NYC store

Museum of modern art nyc chair

MoMA was… special. There’s something about modern art that I don’t understand. For example, all of it. A chair sticking out of the wall. Art. Good for you, artist. I recently found out that the helicopter, hanging in MoMA, was the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s bubble-space-plane-helicopter in Oblivion. I still have no idea why it was hanging there. Or why it was considered art.

After an overdose of modern art, I was almost late for the Central Park Movie Tour, because I had misread some avenue names. Still not sure how that happened. We saw so many famous movie locations on that tour. We went to the exact place where the pigeon lady was standing in Home Alone 2. And to the pond, where Blair Waldorf fed the ducks with Dorota in Gossip Girl. This is a photo of the benches you might recognize from the first scene of The Happening. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s where a girl stabbed herself in the neck with some kind of a hair accessory. Very memorable.

Central park NYC benches
Central park stairs

After the tour, I walked to Intrepid, the aircraft carrier-turned-museum. On the way, I got my complimentary McDonalds smoothie or whatever they call it. I had a coupon. (If I lived in the US I would probably be an extreme couponer. Just saying.)

What the hell was I doing on an aircraft carrier? Well, since I was already there… I was supposed to go on a boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty, and that’s where the ride starts. I bought a ticket for the Monster Boat and when I was waiting in line, they told us we couldn’t bring anything on the boat. Safety reasons. But, we could leave our stuff at the dock. Unattended. Umm, my money, my camera, my passport? On the dock? No, thanks. I turned around and left. If I had known about it, I would’ve booked the 2-hour Manhattan cruise, but, the tickets were non-refundable. Whatever.

Back to the Intrepid museum: they have a real Concorde in front of the aircraft carrier. Ah, I wish Concordes were still functional. Since 2012 they also have a real space shuttle – Enterprise! I have to visit again just to see it.

Intrepid new york city
planes intrepid nyc

Concorde new york city

Last stop of the day: Metropolitan Museum. I was looking forward to seeing it. It was great. Art. I like ordinary art better than modern art. Of course, it would take a week to see everything they have to show, so I only saw a small part of the museum.

metropolitan museum passage

metropolitan nyc ceiling

metropolitan museum hallway

Sitting on the stairs of the Met is so magical… I loved it there. Until an older man approached me and started talking to me. The conversation was going well until he asked me to go on a drink with him. When I said no, he just stood up and left, looking for his next victim. Well, ok, thanks, goodbye to you too! I suddenly realized there were bad guys around me.

Day 5

Saturday was the last day of my 3-day New York Pass, and I had to make it count. But before that, I had something else to do. After some time spent hanging out around the TKTS booth it had become clear to me that buying a discounted Broadway show ticket was not going to be cheap enough for my budget. So I found out that one of the theaters was giving away discounted partial view tickets every morning at 10. At 9.30 I decided I would try and get one. (I’m so spontaneous!) By the time I arrived, there was already a ridiculously long line. However, since there were two shows that day, we were all able to get tickets. Can you guess which show I saw that evening? (I had no idea this was going to happen when I took this photo a few days earlier!)

broadway billboards

I got a discounted, $30 ticket to see…  How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! I was about to see Daniel Radcliffe sing and dance for me!

But not before a whole day of adventures. First stop of the day was the Guggenheim Museum. I can still remember different sizes of rocks scattered around the museum (art!) and a room with walls decorated entirely with $1 bills. Someone decided to decorate a room at the museum with $100 000. I can only say this: the Guggenheim made a lasting impression on me. Even though they don’t allow people to take any photos inside.

Guggenheim NYC

After lunch I headed to the meeting point for the Uptown TV and Movie tour. It was right next to the pub that was the inspiration for McLaren’s in How I met Your Mother. Crazy, right? We saw and heard amazing things, and I forgot pretty much everything. They showed us the exact buildings where celebrities live in Manhattan. During the bus ride they were asking us trivia questions and if you answered correctly, you got a lollipop. Well, guess who did? (Me!) They asked which famous actor changed his last name so he wouldn’t be associated with his famous family. And it was Nicolas Cage. I can’t believe I was the only one on the bus who knew that.

When the tour was over I went back to the hostel, took a shower, put some nice clothes on and headed back to Broadway.

How to succeed in business

Broadway shows are pretty much amazing and I want to see all of them (as soon as I win the lottery). It gets really crowded around Times Square around 8 in the evening and… I got lost on my way to the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. I realized I was lost after one minute, so I wasn’t late to my first. Broadway. Show. Ever. And the show was a-ma-zing. I can still sing some of the songs that were in it.

I waited a few minutes for Daniel to come out the back door, but he didn’t show up. It was almost midnight and by the time I got outside the theatre, there were so many people waiting for him, that I didn’t have a realistic chance of getting a photo with him. So I just went home. By myself, at midnight.

Next week: I have three days to do whatever I want! In New York City! (I went shopping.)